Tuesday, 14 October 2014

"for Family"

Okay so this one is a whim creation. I'm desperately seeking ideas to make money for our family photos we had done recently. I know there isn't a budget for these photos, and they are so very important to me. We've never had them done with our newest additions E&E - and they are now 2! Honestly, I fear that this may be our last opportunity to have them done as a family! With my oldest making grown up plans to leave the nest next year, surely we have to have something meaningful for our family to treasure together. So in spite of our lack of funds for our photo memories, here it is.. I created a blanket to sell in hopes of raising a little money "for Family"...

Here's the beginning...

I chose these bold colours because, much like my family, they are alive, bright and fun! And it seems as though they worked out together beautifully! 

Then after I got all my strips together, it was time to piece them for the star points. I need 8 star points. I still wasn't sure which yellow I wanted as the centre of my star and I knew I could go either way. Piecing all of the points together wasn't much of a battle; a little time here, a little time there, and sure enough they were done. I even managed some cooperation with the wee ones, E&E, while I was trying to get sew time in! 

It is coming along beautifully! Here's a peek of the star all together... 

Stay tuned! I'll show you what I come up with for the background.

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